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Industrial Gas Installers Qld and general Industry must comply to all relevant Gas Codes and Australian Standards.


Safety and Warning Devices

Visual Inspections shall be carried out at Intervals of not more than 12 months and shall be tested at a frequency according to the manufactures specifications.

Gas failure warning systems shall be tested not less than 12 months for correct operation.

A source of Gas or Liquid supply system shall be checked at intervals not more than 12 months.

Please be aware that Government legislation requires all pipe work line safety valves to be replaced every two years, as per the AS2896 Vessel Safety valves replaced various years as per the Australian Standards and Gas company suppliers Standard Operating Procedures.

Medical gas manifolds should be tested and Inspected at intervals of not greater than 6 months for leaks and malfunction unless specified by the manufacture.

Test all regulators for external leaks and smooth transfer of gas with pressure reduction.

Test none return valves of cylinder extension leads or pigtails for proper closure.

Air Compressors and suction pump systems shall be checked as per the manufactures specifications not exceeding 12 months.



There is a requirement to have all gas manifolds and regulators replaced or re kitted every five years, also all stainless-steel High-pressure flexibles should be replaced after five years of service, or as per the manufactures recommendations, in all Industry sectors throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Manifolds and flexibles should be visually checked for damage and gas leaks at a minimum of every 12 months.


Testing of Flashback Arrestors in all Industrial sectors

Oxygen LPG & Oxygen Acetylene Equipment

Combined Gas can carry out on site testing, maintenance and equipment supply, each tested item will be labeled showing test date and date due for next test, we will also provide you with a written report and have you placed on our service register for the next due test date for the future.

Government legislation requires that all Oxygen LPG and Oxygen Acetylene equipment must be fitted with a Flashback Arrestor to prevent fire or explosion. Noncompliance with the legislation is a breach of the Duty of Care and may result in personal injury of user and can incur heavy penalties and prosecution under the current Occupational Health and Safety legislation. The Operator of Oxygen LPG and Oxygen Acetylene Equipment has the Duty of Care to ensure that the equipment is:

  • Maintained, tested and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Compliant with AS 4603-1999
  • Tested in accordance with relevant Australian Standard recommendations AS 4603-1999 (Flashback Arresters – Safety Devices for use with fuel gases and oxygen or compressed air) stipulates that Flashback Arresters must be tested at a minimum interval of 12 months. Oxygen LPG or Oxygen Acetylene Sets require testing every 6 months to ensure compliance with AS 4839-2001.